Charming Hotelin a great location A review of Hotel Casa Marcello

We visited Prague for Valentines Day in 2004.

We arrived at the hotel to find some building work happening outside on the street but this wasn't a problem.

The hotel was lovely, very clean and inviting. We had booked a double room and so were very pleasantly surprised when we received a suite complete with separate living room, dressing area and bathroom.

The room was huge and had loads of character because of the age of the property (1400).

Staff were very friendly, when you saw them as we only ever saw a number of staff on reception which was quite nice as you knew they were around but didn't feel awkward.

Prague itself was beautiful and the hotel was very close to the old square but our advice would be -make sure you remember where the hotel is!!! The Casa is quite a small hotel in height compared to some of the surrounding buildings and like typical tourists we got lost and walked for a couple of hours to try and find it after our evening out. We were highly amused the next day when we realised we had walked right down the side of the hotel on 3 occasions during our mystery tour!!!!

A great welcoming hotel with bags of character....but don't recommend it to everyone, it's one of Prague's best keep secrets!!

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