Charming, but not all that! A review of Narrow Gauge Inn

We stayed at the Narrow Gauge in during June for a few nights. We paid around $130/nt before taxes, if I recall correctly.

Pros: The driveway and exterior say "charming", and there is a cute gift shop and adorable restaurant, which apparently is a must-go (we had to cut our trip short so couldn't make it). The trees on the property are very thick and tall, and they attract beautiful birds. The room we were in was cute and clean and the bathroom was relatively spacious. The continental breakfast couldn't have been in a nicer setting and was reasonably generous.

Cons: The trees are so thick they hide any distant views; it is difficult to pull out onto the highway from the Inn due to poor visibility. The room, though cute, was very small and poorly insulated. Could hear every conversation from the next room and the "boardwalk" outside the rooms made for lots more noise. Each night we were there I was up til 2 or 3 am due to the fact that children were in the room above us apparently running and jumping and hopefully (????) were unsupervised. The office shuts down at night so there was no one to complain to. (I know people exaggerate sometimes, but I'm not kidding about the 2-3 am! Shame on these parents!) The restaurant is closed for a few days a week, so check the schedule if that's important to you. If it's closed, I'd rec the Mexican Restaurant down the road (forget the name but they'll tell you). You don't even have to like Mexican food - I had the Cajun Shrimp.

Overall, I'd recommend staying here as there are few other options unless you want to camp or pay huge bucks somewhere else.

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