Charming all in all but... A review of The Sainte Claire

Over all our stay at the hyatt was quite charming. The historical atmosphere was quit nice and the service was great, save for a few front desk clerks. Upon check in we were welcomed by a very nice black man. That's all that was nice, his skills as a front desk clerk were some what lacking. Upon check in we some snags...3 or 4. When he asked( who i assume was his supervisor) she responded with a blank stare and said "yaaa" quite a bit, that didnt exactly put me at ease, after about 30min trying to figure out the problem we headed up to our rooms. The bellmen were really friendly and very helpfull. Other then the two baffons that checked us in the rest of the front desk clerks seemed to know how to do their jobs. The rooms on the other hand were not up to the same standards as was (most) the hotel staff. Broken light at the door, the ac didnt work and then when it did we had some leakage. The bathrooms were ok except the leaky pipes. The walls were way to thin and you can hear everything that goes on in the other rooms and i mean everything !! from people having sex to babys crying their heads off.

If the hyatt were to sprus up their rooms a tad, the stay would have been excellent. One suggestion though, mabye they should train their front desk clerks in how to properly check people in (the dyamic duo ) and how to talk to guest. If taken in to consideration by managment (not the one that COULDNT help me) the i would surley return for future stays at the wonderful hyatt sainte claire.

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