Charmed and disappointed! A review of Keystone Lodge & Spa

I just got back from the Keystone Lodge, after staying Dec.25-31,2005. First of all,even though they do have a free shuttle service to take you to certain places inside the resort,the resort is a little confusing. And the shuttle is time consuming. I paid $300 a night. My room was like an oven all day and night, even though I turned off the heat. The bellman said it was because the building got the heaviest sun exposure.I was in room 307. It was unbearable, I had the balcony door open ...almost the entire trip, even if it meant that snow had to come in the room. Coming from Florida, the altitude was a big problem for my family, we were in the emergency room the 2nd day and all of us were hooked up to oxygen tanks on and off the remainder of the trip, but it only got worse when we were in the room? So it led me to believe it was the room and not the altitude? Strangely enough we all felt better when we left our room. The resort as a whole was somewhat charming, the staff was very helpful and even switched my TV to a different one so that my son's playstation would work, which to me is fantastic service. I only experienced frustration however when it came to the wait staff at the restaurants Champeaux and The Bighorn Steakhouse. For a dinner bill of $150.00 and over for 3 people...I do expect good service. Instead I was frustrated by their lack of attention. They all seem to be very young employees, and maybe that is the problem. Younger people may not know about true customer service, much less care. I did however go to the Alpenglow Stube, and it was simply fantastic, and the service was impeccable. The gondola ride to the restaurant, makes it such an interesting event. The cost is $90+ for each person, and it was worth every penny. I do wish however that I would have made two reservations there, considering it was Christmas week and prime ski season, it was not possible to get another reservation there. I made the first one a month prior. So as far as my experience with the Lodge...I am still concerned with the sickness we had in our room, but the room was very clean, and housekeeping was so clearly fantastic. They came twice a day or as much as you needed them. Maybe as far as dining I would simply stay away from the dining inside the actual lodge.Call the Alpenglow Stube and book it before do not want to miss that experience.

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