Charlie Rocket's... Kinda Clownshoes A review of Charlie Rocket's

This is the type of place where groups 18-year old Swedes spend their nights. It's pretty lousy for married people. They're very slow about reception and they obviously hadn't prepared any room because we were waiting in the bar for them to give us a habitation. When we arrived in the room, someone's stuff was already there. So they made us wait in someone elses room for 40 minutes until they could figure it out. But they also were mad at us for being in this other room while they were straightening up. The hostel smells incredibly bad. Breakfast was white bread. The room was dark and hot and didn't have outlets that could fit any kind of voltage adaptor known to man. Everybody was basically a jerk. I've got no love for this place.
Reviewed by Apr 30, 2012

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Charlie Rocket's
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