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Character (and location) it has but the negative aspects of that would be a whole lot more tolerable at the $45 mentioned in an earlier post than current rates. There has been an effort made to refurbish (paint/clean up/furniture) but not rennovate (replace/restore). So its an old place with all that goes along with that - noise carries, imprecise temperature control, the occasional monster roach etc.

Along with that are some little quirks - one noted previously - the gas station food. Surely donuts could be gotten relatively inexpensively and be more in keeping the concept of breakfast? No blankets? on asking for one we got another bedspread? Bottom line - if this was a no-name motel in no-special-place USA I'd avoid it. As it is, in Hot Springs I'll look around for alternatives but would stay here again if (1) it wasn't a long stay and (2) it was substantially less than the alternatives.

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