Cats in Drawers and Hats A review of Sylvia Beach Hotel

I have been a book lover for almost as long as I can remember. When I was seven, and we went to visit the lobby of the Sylvia Beach Hotel it became a dream of mine to stay there. I loved the idea of decorating the rooms according to authors. The people were always nice, both those working and the guests. Not only that, but the hotel always had cats, something rare and fantastic in the eyes of a little girl.

However it wasn't until my 18th birthday I had a chance to actually stay at Sylvia Beach. My mom told me to pack an overnight bag, and we got into the car and she started driving. I had no idea where we were going, and even though I soon realized we were headed to the beach I never guessed the truth. When we pulled up at the hotel my moth fell open. I couldn't speak, I was so thrilled.

The hotel was perfect. It really felt like a home. We stayed in the Dr. Suess room. The first thing I noticed was the view of the lighthouse. Then we spent time reading the guestbooks in the room. People had left clever poem in the stlye of Dr Suess.

Next we decided to explore the library. It was fantastic. It seemed as if it was right on top of the ocean, it was warm and smelled pleasntly of spice (from the spiced wine they offer their guests at night). There was a room of puzzels and board games, and a place where you could help yourself to tea of coffee. One of the hotel cats, Keats, followed us up to the loft and slept on the lounge my mom decided to read on.

The next morning after a peaceful (and comfortable!) night, we went down to breakfast, and got to talk to the other guests of the hotel. It was so lovely to be able to connect and hear other people's stories.

The last thing we did before leaving was explore the hotel more. They leave the doors of the unoccupied rooms open so you can look into them. All the rooms were so lovely, most with fantastic views.

The staff was always friendly and helpful and didn't rush us in checking out at all. All I've wanted to do since leaving is go back again.

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Sylvia Beach Hotel
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