Can you say Photo Shop?? A review of Omni Interlocken Resort

First off, let me start off by saying that the photos that they provide on the website for this hotel have been modified to make you believe that this hotel sits out in seclusion and also directly below the mountains. It does not. Yes, you can see the mountains way off in the distance, but they are probably 15 miles away. This hotel is for the business traveler. Not for someone wanting to get away and have great mountain views. It is next to a mall and plenty of places to eat which can be good and bad depending on what you're looking for.

The golf is ridiculously priced. I think it was 85 or higher. There are other courses not far from the hotel that are less than half that price and just as nice.

The staff at the hotel was very nice, and the room was clean. The garbage cans were very dirty however as they do not put plastic bags in them and obviously never wash them out after each guest.

I just don't think that the room was worth the money. We bid this hotel on for 75 a night and I felt like the room wasn't any nicer than a Best Western we staid in at Nederland, CO.

You don't get free continental breakfast like most hotels/motels provide now a days. The Embassy Suites would have been just as nice and you get free breakfast and drinks there.

My biggest complaint (my only legitimate complaint really) is that they spray a deodorizer in the rooms (all rooms non-smoking AND smoking) that smells like a cheap car air freshener. These types of deodorizers give me the worst headache imaginable.

When I told the front desk person of the awful smell they told me that they didn't spray any deodorizers in the non-smoking rooms. This is NOT true. She let me look at 4 other rooms and they all had this awful perfume deodorizer smell.

Even one of their staff went up to the room with me and said that he also couldn't stay in one of these rooms with that strong smell. I can't figure out why a lot of these hotels are doing this now a day?? Don't they realize that a lot of people are allergic to perfume smells?

I complained to the Hotel Manager. I doubt that did any good. He was a little snobby in my opinion and didn't offer anything. He said he'd check into it. He did admit that all rooms get "lightly" sprayed with deodorizer but it shouldn't be that strong.

We were stuck here for 2 nights because we bid this hotel on Priceline and couldn't get our money back so I opened the windows and tried to stay in the room only when we were sleeping and took plently of asprin.

We also had our 2 small miniature schnauzers with us that we paid a 50 dollar fee for and a 50 dollar refundable fee. They say they are pet friendly but I would not suggest bringing your pet to this hotel. We got the dirtiest looks from guest staying there.

Our dogs are very well behaved show dogs and every other hotel we staid in on this trip to Colorado loved them.

Again, if you're going for business great... If you're not, go some where else.

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