By far the most depressing and disappointing hotel I have ever stayed in. A review of Hotel Brunswick

I was attracted to this hotel by their charming web site. It talked of the hotel's history, and had a series of what must have been pictures of the hotel right after its last refurbishment in the early 60s that they were trying to pass off as the current condition of the hotel. From what I read and saw on their web site, I was expecting a charming, historical, well kept hotel. What I got was a dank, dark, deteriorating hotel that was 40+ years past due for major renovation.

I arrived late (11:00PM) August 1st after a delayed flight and a long drive to Lancaster from Philadelphia. The hotel is somewhat difficult to locate unless you are really familiar with downtown Lancaster, or have a GPS navigation system in your vehicle. I had reserved a non-smoking room with a king bed. The person at the front desk was friendly and checked me in quickly. When I arrived at my room there was a no-smoking sign next to the room number on the wall, but when I went in the room was saturated with the smell of smoke and mildew. The décor (if you want to call it that) was cheap 1960's era. I'm not talking about cool 60's Art-Deco stuff, I mean bargain basement fake wood laminated furniture, orange and white striped wall paper (tinted to beige from years of smoke exposure), and dark green industrial carpet. On top of that was the bizarre layout of the room which cannot really be explained in words. The first thing that came to mind when I looked around was the memory of that hotel room at the ending of the movie "Leaving Las Vegas." I kid you not; it was that bad and that depressing.

I returned two sets of room keys to the lobby that evening before finding a room that I could at least breathe in. Each room was as equally depressing as the other, and had either a view of an alley or the $3 a day parking garage (yes you have to pay for parking even in this old one-horse town). If it were not for the late hour, I would not have stayed the night, but I did cancel the next two days and checked out the next morning in search of better lodging.

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Hotel Brunswick
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