Buyer beware!!! A review of Aston Maui Lu Resort

When my husband and I drove up the drive to the Maui Lu Resort, we could see how wonderful the resort was-30 years ago! The main lodge that used to be the restaurant was closed and falling apart along with bungalos that surrounded the property. For the money my husband and I spent we knew we were not going to be staying in a 5 star resort. We did however expect a clean room. The only positive note about our beach front room was the spectacular view. For 7 days and six nights we struggled with ants, beetles, and earwigs. The resort claimed that the whole island was struggling with a beetle problem, but when we demanded that they spray the room, they miraculously disappeared. When I found earwigs in my bed on the second night I no longer had a good nights sleep for the rest of the stay. (Other vacationers we spoke with had no idea there was a beetle problem since their resorts dealt with such problems before guests could see them.) And you don't want to know the size of the bugs I found in the laundry room! When we came back each day from gorgeous beaches we just wanted to relax in our rooms which was difficult to do when the couch looked like a dog had eaten it, the curtains and carpet had stains which looked similar to blood and were all around filthy, dust everywhere, the shower curtain was yellowed with age and torn-come on Aston how much is a shower curtain?-$5? There was lizard poop on the windows and light fixtures and dead lizards in the air conditioner. And the resorts so called two private beaches-one beach was covered with rocks (I only saw a dog try and wade out among them) and the other was only big enough for 3 or 4 lounge chairs that were usually covered by the tide and sand for about 20 hours of the day. The only solace we found is when we left the hotel right after dawn, spent our days at the most beautiful beaches we've ever witnessed, ate at wonderful restaurants, and drove around the island to visit Hana, went horseback riding, went snorkeling and tried snuba, then went ba ... (which is hard when bugs are dive bombing your head in the middle of the night). The time we spent getting ready each day to leave the resort was trying-the plumbing did not work, when they came to fix our toilet, we used the bathroom of a empty room a few doors down only to realize that toilet did not work either. If we had the equipment we would have camped out on the beach like so many smart beach bums did. Hey Aston, after reading other reviews of other Aston resorts why are you still in business? Because people like us are tricked into to good to be true deals, by wonderful looking pictures and false advertisements. Buyer beware, don't be as dumb as we were to think that you could save some money on the trip of a lifetime. Talk to other people that have stayed at the islands, talk to travel agents and don't believe advertisements even by the websites that claim the resorts are fabulous. We are still waiting for an apology from Expedia--we won't hold our breath, they already have our money.

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