Brussels, a great city to visit & the Ustel Hotel a good tourist place to stay A review of Floris Ustel Midi

Visited Brussells 9-12 January 2005, This is my 5th visit to the city in 5 years, which shows I really like the place. The Ustel is near South (Suid-Midi) Rail Station (3-4 minutes walk), and is a very clean hotel with nice rooms and the buffet breakfast is excellent. We stayed just after new year and the price was low for what we got.

Brussells is a cosmopolitan city and the choice of restaurants and other small places to eat truly brings this point home. You can eat well on any budget.

The number of cafe bars is astronomical and the choice of beers is the same. Belgium is famed for its beer and Brussells does reflect this. The bottled beer is fatal (too strong for mass consumption), and my favourite is Jupiler, the local brew. Maes and Stella Artois are widely available and are excellent to. The fact that Brussells is a capitol city and also has a major EU presence does not mean that you get ripped off. London, Paris and a number of Italian cities would do well to learn from Brussells.

Transport via the Metro or Tram is cheap & reliable. Other cities are only an hour away by train and I have previouslyvisited Brugge, Antwerp, Charlois and Ghent and have always been pleased with what I have found. Visit Belgium, I'm sure you will like it.

Jim, Dundee, Scotland

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