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what is it with these small hotels/motels in holiday areas? I too live in a holiday area, however I had to travel to Camden/Rockport area at the last minute. There really are no "chain' hotels in the area. I called the "claddagh" where I asked about any vacancies for the w/e. He told me he had fri/sat/sun free. I said I was delighted to take fri and sat. He said I had to take all three. When I asked about the off months if it was always 3 days he said he was in Florida in the sun and didn't care. More fool him. What goes around comes around...........

What we had available at the time of the phone call was a choice of two family suites no motel rooms. I never got around to explaining this, as the person talking to me was not very happy when I stated we had a three night minimum stay. When asked have we a three night stay in the winter I answered that we are not open and that I go visit my family in Florida.

It is not very fair to get a bad rating when the person on the phone does not like your reservation policies.

How can you rate a lodging facility by a phone call. I answered all the questions and was as helpful as I could be.

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