Book with Care A review of Grand Hotel Bohemia

The Grand Hotel Bohemia has a good location - quiet, but only a few minutes walk to Old Town Square. It is also generally a friendly hotel, is relatively clean and has some old school charm to it. However, if thinking about staying here you should be aware that it is nowhere near the 5 stars that is advertised and is not even comparable to many of the true 5 star hotels in Prague. Some of the reviews suggest that it is probably nearer 4 stars than 5. This is a very generous interpretation of the hotel star system to say the least - the hotel is clearly no more than a 3 star hotel. The room that I stayed in was very small and the facilities in it (and the hotel generally) were lacking. The decor was pretty shabby (the curtain fell off when I tried to pull it closed) and the bed was no more than a piece of foam on a hard slab of wood. This is not a bad hotel per se if you are expecting to stay in a 3 star (and the price is pretty reasonable), but you should not think that you are getting a 5 star hotel for a good price or you will, like me, have a fairly rude awakening upon arrival!

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