We have been going to the catskills for years to vacation, but housing has been the main problem in the past: expensive, uninspiring, or downright dirty and ugly. No more. I found the Roxbury on this site and we went there based on everyone's recommendation. We were very pleased. I wish we could have stayed one more day; it's monday morning and i am still pining for the memory of my weekend there.

The rooms are just as they describe, spic and span! Every thing is charming. The bathrooms are bright, clean, and have windows. The bathroom is all white/green tiles, and the mirror has little iridescent blue tiles bordering it. The shower has a little curve around the tub to give it more room. There is excellent water pressure. After a long day of skiing, I came back and took a long hot shower and it was the best, and then I fell onto the firm bed and watched a little movie before going to sleep. I am very picky about cleaniness, and this place was cleaner than my house!

My boyfriend liked the ultra modern decor. It's a little bit too masculine and dark for my taste but I enjoyed the creativity and innovation that went into the design by Greg. Think IKEA! Totally coordinated, bold and risk taking.

Did I already mention that the beds were very, very comfortable. The sheets were clean and crisp. I slept super well. We had the kitchenette room. The beds we had were a little bit small for a couple so we slept separately, but it was great sleeping experience nevertheless. The room was very warm on a cold winter day. I looked forward to going back to our room each night.

Joseph and Greg are the owners of the place. They can be found at the breakfast gatherings. The first thing they say to you is, (with a sincere smile) welcome, and my name is Joseph/Greg, and I am one of the owners. I felt like they were genuinely happy to be running this lodge, and they were happy to have us stay there. Wonderful folks. They are like people you would enjoy having as neighbors.

The entire establishment has little touches that show that art and fun-ness still exist in life. I enjoy the art in the main living room, alongside the little chocolates, nuts, candies, and candles displayed. Oh, and the general manager, who is a blond lady whose name I don't know is very helpful and friendly as well. You will feel like a VIP.

The only caveat I would say is that if you are very noise sensitive about sleeping, you may want to know that the motel is a renovated roadside motel which means that the SUVs of other guests park literally right outside the door of your room, which means that you will hear them. Also, sound insulation is not as solid as those concrete-high-rise hotels. You will hear your neighbor's TV and talking as we did, but giving the discerning clientel of the place, most people quiet down after midnight or so.

Lastly, there is no soda machine so if you got up in the middle of the night very thirsty, you'd better have some drinks with you.

Roxbury is far out. But you will be happy once you arrive in this charming little town. Everything is closed at night. Excellent.

Other than that, I have no reseveration to recommend you to lodge at the Roxbury. I wish Greg and Joseph will open more establishment and set a new standard for the Catskills region. I told them about the tripadvisor because they have no idea what great things we are saying about their motel on the internet!

Go to Brios in Phoenicia for great pizzas. Check out the little Phoenicia Trout Library. Bike to Elena Zang's house gallery. Take a rock climbing lesson at the Gunks. Wach a movie at the old fashioned movie in Woodstock or Rhinebeck. Ski. Golf. Trout fish. Ride a horse. Buy an old house and renovate it!

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