When I saw that this hotel had noted a pet friendly policy on the Sheraton website, I had to call just to make sure. When it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Yes, they do allow pets 80 lbs. and under and there is no pet fee! How nice, I though, a hotel this close to NYC that allows dogs. But, just as I was thinking of actually making a reservation, the lady follows up with, "But, you can't leave the dog alone in the room." Now, someone please explain to me how you can sightsee in NYC, while dragging your pet along? How can the hotel be "pet friendly" if you have to sit in your room and babysit your pet? If I would have wanted to sit in the room with my dog, I would have just stayed home! She said "People have been complaining about barking." Yes, dogs do bark, but the hotel should not say they have a pet friendly policy if they do not have one! People with pets, beware! Leave your pooch at home or be prepared to sit and stare at the walls with him, instead of see the sights!

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Sheraton Meadowlands Hotel and Conference Center
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