Blue Harbor ripped us off! A review of Blue Harbor Resort

My family and I encountered an unacceptable reservation snafu situation at the Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan on 4th of July weekend.

My mother-in-law made reservations and mailed the hotel a check in May to reserve two rooms for Saturday, July 3 and Sunday, July 4th. But, when we arrived at the hotel on July 3, and we were told at the front desk that they "had no reservation" for us.

Their records indicated that they never got the check and they had cancelled our reservations. We were astounded.

One front desk guy named was even a bit rude. He told us condescendingly that it was too bad we "didn't have our confirmation number." He insinuated that if we had this number, he could look up our reservations.

Anyway, we left and made several long-distance phone calls to my brother-in-law to have him drive to my mother-in-law's house and get the confirmation number (which she wrote down and left by her phone.)

We returned to the hotel - armed with what we thought was a ticket to our room. This time, Luke was even less helpful. After looking up the number, we were told that the confirmation number is not going to get us a room. It's just a number that you would use when you cancel your reservation. (So, Luke misinformed us the first time we were there, then. He acted like "gee, if you just had that number." He probobly didn't think we would actually GET it.)

Also, Luke seemed a bit put out by the fact that we were persistant enough to follow through with getting the number. He just answered my husband's questions in brief, impatient monosyllables and seemed to want to get to the "real customers" whose reservations were not lost.

We were really discouraged with his attitude. We travel a great deal (4-5 times a year) and can recognize when someone does not care AT ALL. He just wanted us to go away. Well, we did go away.

On Tuesday, July 6th, my mother-in-law went to her bank and got a copy of her cancelled check. The check was dated May 11 and cashed back in May too. I faxed copy of the check and it took an entire work week of long-distance calls (on my part) to get the hotel to admit that they deposited the check in the wrong account.

The general manager, Josef Haas, seemed unconcerned about the situation until I mentioned the word "condo." (A few of my collegues had wanted me to get information for them which I was unable to do after not being allowed to stay there.)

He wanted my home address (if you can believe his nerve) to send me condo information but couldn't be bothered to pick up a finger to help find my mother-in-laws money!!!

What lousy service.

I am writing this a week later, after I have straightened out their mess from 200 miles away. Josef Hass was so uninformed that he didn't even know I took care of the problem until I wrote him asking for compensation.

Even though the mistake was totally their fault, he only offered me 50% off a future stay.

What a cluster of management problems they have at this hotel. I would suggest that you not stay there, but since the hotel will probobly lose your reservations, this will take care of itself!

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