Big waste of money and eeeewww! A review of Paradise Plaza Inn

Me and my fiance stayed here in september of 2001. We got the penthouse suite with the jucuzzi in it, trying to be romantic. Well I didn't want to get a gross room so I checked out the website first. Well the pictures must of been taken years ago when the hotel was actually nice. They made all of the pictures dark i guess so you couldn't see how gross it really was. So I called and booked reservations which they were so eager to take because the hotel was gross and dirty and nobody wants to stay there. Well after a long drive on the way there I figured oh this will be nice we can relax and enjoy our nice room, NOT. Well we got there and checked in at the desk where the employees barely speaked english and apparently they all like each other alot because they were all flirting with each other while we were trying to check in. They were all very young, not wearing any type of uniform, they were very unprofessional. I might also add there was no parking and I might add they told us there's one spot for each room well apparently they weren't enforcing that. So still with hope our room could be nice we went up. So after our ride on the rikety elevator which I should add I was scared to ride on we got to the room which we had payed 150 a night and it was already after labor day. The first thing I said was, "This room is not worth 150 a night". For starters our balcony glass door was covered with mildew, yuck. Then we decided to rest after our long drive and we got in the bed and there was sand in it which told me they hadn't changed the sheets, so we just slept on top of the bed with our blankets. Then we were going to try out the jucuzzi which I cleaned myself first cause they probably didn't clean that either. I t took it forever to fill up it was even worst then just the low water pressure in ocean city. I didn't want to turn on the jets because our floors and walls were so thin and I didn't want to disturb the other tenants. I think the nicest thing in the room was probably the little kitchen

. Pretty sad hugh. So then we thought we'd check out the indoor pool since that could be the only nice anmenity left. Needless to say we weren't pleased with that eaither. There was a lining in the in ground pool which was very badly seperating from the wall of the pool. The pool looked very dingy so I didn't get in and the surrounding area by the pool was yucky. It had really ugly bright stuff painted on the wall. It was too late to find another place so we just stayed. Needless we spent most of the vacation on the beach and the balcony. When we made reservations the hotel was called the travelodge so I figuered it must be decent. But when we got there it was called the paradise plaza inn and it had joint managment with the travelodge. If I was the travelodge I'd get my name off the lease because it definatly will be ruined. Trust me don't stay here and if you do I hope they made some changes by the time you get there.

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