BIG Rip-Off!!!!! A review of Sol & Luna Lodge & Spa

We have just returned from our trip to Peru and I must agree with other reviewers---wish I'd heeded my intuition about this place and changed to a different hotel....On the surface, Sol y Luna is lovely in it's rooms and stunning garden surroundings. Unfortunately, the owners are in absentia and the management is indifferent to guests concerns and complaints. It's apparent that they've heard our type of complaints before. The non-caring attitude turned us off and we shared our feelings with other guests who agreed that pricing for everything beyond the room rate was exhorbitant! Since the hotel is several miles outside of town, they must consider their guests easy targets for overcharging on food in the restaurant. We were too tired to go into town and had 2 small chicken soups, a salad and a bottled water for about $30!!!! As mentioned in other reviews on this site, the "health club" charge is $25 PER HOUR!!! Even at the 5 star luxury resorts in the states you might pay $25 to use a world class club for the entire day. Spa services were also at high rates beyond the basic massage rate of $55 per hour---though several friends who had stayed gave mixed reviews of the therapist. We didn't even bother to find out prices for the outdoor activities. Buyers beware at Sol y Luna! On a walk to town we discovered the newly renovated Hotel Libertador and they had a spectacular location and quite reasonable rates. My husband is a travel agent and we would surely send travelers here rather than Sol y Luna. Don't waste your money....

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