Big disappointment! A review of Kirketon Hotel Sydney - by 8Hotels

My partner and I were looking forward to staying at the Kirketon hotel, but it really was a bit of a disappointment.

The room we had was TINY - I suggest you request a larger room or pay extra (if available..sold out for us). The decor was simple (a mix of grey, white and red) but a little underdone. It seems their attempt at minimalist made the rooms quite soul-less. The lighting was poor.

Check in appears to be strictly 3pm....we arrived off a 20 hour flight and wanted a shower but had to wait until 2pm for a room to become available.

As another reviewer pointed out, the bathroom items are not re-stocked, so we had to request simple cleansing items. The showers are very dark as the light is at waist height, so prepare for that! There's also an odd habit of cleaning staff cleaning all rooms on the one floor at the same time...they leave the doors open, not sure why that is but it was a little strange. I felt that the hotel was understaffed too - check-in took a long time as the one person dealt with people one at a time.

The pluses? Each room has a cd player, a bar fridge and the bathrooms are tastefully done. We asked for Ice and, since the restaurant is closed on Sundays, the reception was happy to go down the street to get some for us - a nice touch. And LOCATION - this area of Sydney is hard to beat. You are close to great hip restaurants, cafes and bars. We even walked to the city with no problems.

Recommended for hip young straight, gay couples who will not be spending much time in these tiny, tiny rooms, but want a bit of style about their hotel. It's ok, but it's not great...appears to be an attempt at a cheaper 'W' style hotel but doesn't quite achieve its goal.

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