Beyond the best A review of InterContinental Thalasso-Spa Bora Bora

My wife and i traveled to tahiti for her 40th. We stayed at the ic resort on tahiti the first 3 days, the resort was great. But, we had no idea what was instore for us when we arived at thalasso. The resort was the BEST we have ever stayed. we visit some where every year ( 8 -14 day trips). Upon arivial the greeting staff were great. The check in was first class all the way. The rooms, (internet photos dont even come close), there huge. The water around the rooms was very clear, i think some areas are still a little murky, where they are still working. The food was supurb in the restraunt. service was good i think the staff needs a little more time to work out the kinks ( we only had 1 night out 6 that was slow )The pool service great, ( the club sandwich is to die for ) drinks were a little pricey, we mostly drank ( Hinano local beer ) all the activities are very easy to use just ask the pool man. We took the kayak up the shore past many nice areas. On the third day we went to town. rented a little eurocar and drove around all day, You have to go to bloody marys. 6 more months, the Thalasso will be the very best on bora bora.

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