Beware! A review of Bowery's Whitehouse Hotel

I thought I nailed the deal of the century when I booked this place. The minute I entered the lobby I sensed I had made a bad choice. The lobby didn't look at all like what the website photo shows. Instead it looked drab and run-down and smelled of urine & alcohol. I approached the attendant on duty - he was partitioned behind a plastic divider that looked similar to what you would see in a liquor store in a bad part of town. So I get to my room - it's more like a closet, and I find bedsheets that are stained in some places and a blanket with holes in it. I only got 2 hours of sleep that night because I had people on each side of me, and since the walls don't go all the way up to the ceiling (there's about a 1 foot clearance) I could hear their snoring and heavy breathing. You can also hear people 10 doors down because the walls are paper thin and the doors need to be strongly slammed shut in order to close well. This is the most terrible place I've ever stayed at. What I am angered about the most is the fact that this place falsely advertises itself as a HOTEL, but it's MORE LIKE A SHELTER since there is a sign on the wall that says part of the building is for INDIGENT HOUSING. Spend a little more money ($20 more!), even if it's out of your budget (that's what I did) and stay clear away from this place. You'll be thankful I said so.

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Bowery's Whitehouse Hotel
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