Beware of your room location!! A review of Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Ventura Harbor

First the good: Beds were comfy, room was clean, bathroom was much larger than most, flat screen TV looked cool. This is a no-frills hotel, but adequate.

Now the bad: There was a slight check-in snafu which isn't really worth going into detail about and would have been no big deal except for the lack of professionalism displayed by the front desk staff. But the real frustration resulted from what we discovered upon returning to our room on Saturday night: we were located directly above a banquet/conference room that was hosting an extremely loud party. Our floor, windows, and furnishings were literally thumping from the music below. (For the record, I'm a 20-something who lives in an apartment. If I found the noise excessive, I can't imagine what most people would think.)

Feeling the level of noise was beyond unacceptable for after 11 PM (!!) we went down to the front desk to complain. (We tried reaching the desk by phone, but the calls went unanswered.) The clerk on duty informed us there was absolutely no chance of switching rooms as they were overbooked. She promised to "get Security right on it." We returned to our room and endured the noise for another 30 minutes. After a second trip to the front desk (again, a phone call went unanswered) we were informed that the room was rented out until midnight and there was nothing that could be done about it. I guess the hotel's philosophy is this: Rights to the banquet room supercede the rights of regular guests to sleep.

The desk clerk attempted to be sympathetic, and promised to have the party shut down at midnight -- small consolation when we had been up since 4 AM to catch our flight. She also said they "get some pretty rowdy groups in there." That statement leads me to believe this is a common occurrence at this location. We requested the name of the manager, but the clerk could not tell us when he would be on duty. She also could not tell us if the banquet room would be rented out the next night, and denied our request to switch rooms in the morning, again stating that they were overbooked.

Fortunately, the banquet room was empty the second night. I managed to locate a supervisor upon check-out, and we were compensated with a gift certificate for one night's stay. Nice gesture, but too late.

In short: if you choose to stay here it would be a decent value for your money ONLY if you can ensure your room is nowhere near the banquet room.

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