Beware of the BUFFET A review of L'Auberge Casino Resort Lake Charles

The hotel is new and the ammenitites are many. Overall, the property is beautiful and the service is acceptable. However, there are serious problems lurking just out of sight.

#1 Problem - Overall control and management of the hotel is lacking. Example: Upon checkin we were informed that the rooms which were confirmed and guaranteed were not available and that we would have to accept lesser rooms than were originally reserved. This was either a "Bait and Switch" tactic or the hotel does not have good planning which leads to poor service.

#2 Problem - Cleanliness and sanitation - Example: All of the members of our group became ill after eating in the Buffet at the hotel. In a new facility the cleanliness of the restaurants are hard to gage. The staff in the eating areas appeared careless in their appearance and I believe the illness our group experienced was a result of unseen careless practices in the kitchen.

#3 Problem - Air Quality - Example: When entering the building in the main lobby the guest is hit immediately with the strong oder of Cigarette smoke. This gets stronger as you enter the gaming area. If you are a nonsmoker this casino is not going to be as plesant to play as the Beau Rivage in Biloxi. There is no place you can go to escape the smoke, unless you like to play golf. This obviously is a deficiency in the design and layout of the hotel.

The hotel is beautifully located and it is very new. However, I am convinced that the problems above demonstrate serious deficiencies of management and planning that will manifest themselves in other ways as time goes on.

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