Beware of the Brunswick hotel and it's 3 star rating!!!!! A review of Hotel Brunswick

Consider this a warning from a highly reasonable person.

There is ABSOLUTELY no way this hotel should be rated a 3 star. After wonderful day at the Strasburg railroad, it was embarrassing and disappointing to drive up to this place and have you wife and kids look in dismay. I almost felt like a victim of false advertising. The hotel looks very little like the photos used for advertising. It's funny now, but as I went to check, I knew I was in trouble when at the lobby you are greeted with 3 20 x 20 collages of the "planned" major hotel renovation.

I booked my trip through "hotels" (who were very accomodating after call ing them and explaining the situation). So I get my keys to the room and check the hotel out - indoor pool unmaintained, the fitness room - what a joke , the equipment must have been 20 years old, and probably the last time it was used. The room - dirty, in need of a paint job, no pictures, dirty carpet, etc... I could go on, but I think you should get the picture from this. The brunswick hotel is a 1 star at best a 1 1/2 star hotel.

By the way, I did not stay at the Brunswick. I didn't even let my get out of the car. I drove around Lancaster for about an hour and found the Best Western Eden Resort. Luckily, they had a room available. I booked there and canceled my room at the Brunswick.

As for The Eden Resort(saved my vacation), it is an abosolutely great place for a family getaway. It is well kept, with a modern fitness room, a well maintained indoor pool with lifeguard, basketball court, tennis court, and clean rooms!

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