Beware making reservations A review of Compass Point Beach Resort

While I can't vouch for the hotel because I have never stayed there, I can vouch for the poor reservations systems the hotel has in place. I was very excited after reading the positive reviews on this site and requested a reservation for four days in March for a studio, the hotel's least expensive accomodation. I was told there was one available, was quoted the price, and was told to fax credit card payment instructions. I faxed the info and confirmed receipt of the fax with the reservations agent, and my credit card was charged for the full amount of my stay. Assuming, not unreasonably in my opinion, that this meant my reservation was confirmed, I bought my airline tickets that afternoon. The next day I arrived at work to an email indicating that all of the studios were booked for the time I requested and my options were to either pay the difference for a more expensive room (~$400 difference) or be credited the amount charged. I thought this was ridiculous as I had already bought my plane tickets contingent upon my room reservation. The hotel would not budge an inch, claiming, it's a small resort and this sometimes happens. I expected more from a small resort that I assumed would pride itself on its customer service. Needless to say I cancelled my reservation and have found alternate accomodations. So just beware and make sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that your room is reserved for you - apparently correspondence with a reservations agent and your credit card being charged the full amount is not enough!

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