Beware! Fully Agree with New York Writer A review of Avila Village Inn

My wife and I were extremely disappointed with the Avila Village Inn, echoing many of the comments of the prior writer from New York. Unresponsive management, very tight rooms, lack of light, creekside rooms that are NOT private (overlooking a corner of a playground where kids are playing and screaming all day), a balcony hot tub that is not romantic AT ALL (just shoved into a corner), a TV that didn't get reception and most of all, bed sheets that were extremely rough and irritating. We both had to sleep ON TOP OF the covers and not inside, since they were so abrasive. Normally I wouldn't write, but readers should be aware not to buy into previous entries extolling the virtues of the property. The breakfast was adequate, but again, nothing worthwhile given the price paid. Management would not work with me the morning after, and, adding insult to injury, I had to wait 7 days to get a 10% refund for our troubles. Our stay down the road in Pismo was so much more rewarding. Again beware!

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