Better than last year A review of Zermatt Resort & Spa

We stayed here last February and were really disapointed. It had just opened so they had a promotion to come back within a year for a free stay. We almost didn't because of our previous experience but since we were staying in the area a "free night" sounded better than driving home an hour away.

We are so glad we did. In one year they have made great improvements. Much more of the resort was opened. The room we got this trip was much bigger and nicer. The bakery was wonderful. We also had the Sunday brunch which was well worth the money. It looks like they have great conference rooms and lots of space. The staff was all very friendly and helpful.

We will definatly return. The reason for coming up the mountain was to go see "Tommy" at the Egyptian Theatre in Park CIty. It was very good and we would recommend seeing it also if you have spare time.

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