Better off Staying Home A review of Hyatt Regency Rochester

To celebrate the coming of 2004.. My husband made reservations at the Hyatt Regency Rochester.. When we first arrived.. they couldn't seem to find our reservation.. So we had to settle for what was left over......

what a major disappointment.. So.. we opted for the King Sized bed with standing shower stall.. Our stay was supposed to be an all inclusive package.. including dinner and drinks...... When I tried to ask a few questions of the Front Desk.. he simply stated.. "Here.. its in the packet".. and rushed me off........... He didn't answer any of my questions.. and seemed totally indifferent to my concerns.. I supposed if there was a line of people waiting.. I could be more understanding..

but there wasn't! The walk to the room was beautiful...... but.. Wow..

what a difference inside! The room was rather small and when you first walked in.. there was a big bleach stain on the carpet.. there was also a terrible odor.. not to mention several stains on the walls around the room. There was also hair stuck on the head board.. and mildew in the shower stall! I didn't expect this sort of thing from a Hotel of this caliber.. and certainly not at almost $300 a night!!! The bed in our room was rather hard and uncomfortable..... and didn't make for a goodnight's sleep.. when you took into consideration the horrific odor in the room.. it was simply awful!!! .. And in the morning.. expecting to see the newspaper (which we were being charged for) in front of my door.. there was nothing.. I had to go down 19 floors to the front desk.. to get the newspaper myself!!!... and couldn't even get the right one! There was something we signed that said.. we'll be charged for a USA today...... even if we don't receive it.. Well.. you had that right......... You couldn't even get one! Instead.. I settled for a complimentary copy of the local paper.. since I couldn't get a USA today! As far as the food.. being served...... Well.. to be honest..

I've had better.. All in all.. this has to be the absolute worst stay I've ever had.. In fact.. I've had cleaner and friendlier stays at the Microtel.. Econo Lodge.. and Days Inn at a FRACTION of the cost!

Frankly, if this is the best Rochester has to offer.. I'm better off staying home!

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