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my husband made reservations for 2 rooms for one night prior to an early am train ride to vancouver (out of edmonds) with friends who flew in from the east coast- he made the reservations in person- with credit card- we had friends drop us off at the ferry to get into edmonds- we arrived at 9:15- and checked in to be told they had one room for us to share- they had "upgraded "our two rooms to one with a double bed and pull out couch- we never received any message on "change"- the manager was not in- we were left with a young reception person- whose attitude was sorry i can' t help you- she got the manager on the phone and his attitude was worse- basically take the room or go somewhere else- with no help as to where was somewhere else- we told them we were stranded- could they get us a cab into seattle- we were told the cabs come from everett, wa and she could not get us one- the story goes on and on- we ended up waking up a nice couple with a bed and breakfast and walking with 5 large bags about a mile from the hotel- never even an apology- we are in our late 50's- all seasoned travelers- i recommend if you are staying in edmonds- stay away from this dump-

First, I apologise to our guests, of their unpleasant experience. Our business is to accommodate. if we did not, our hotels and resorts would fail.

I thank you for the opportunity to respond to the attached review, and share some highlights of the misunderstanding that occurred.

The guest made a reservation for two people, by phone, 7 days prior to arrival, in a deluxe king room at the AAA rate of $109.00. The guests arrived to the hotel desk at 10:30pm. The walk on ferry terminal is less than a 1/4 mile from our lobby door. The Amtrak station is half way between the hotel and the ferry terminal. The guest's room was changed prior to their arrival. To accommodate anther guests needs, I "upgraded" this guest, complimentary, to one of our jetted tub-fireplace-parlor suites. Our largest and most plush accommodations on property.

The clerk on duty explained to the guests that somewhere there had been a misunderstanding on the number of people in their party, but as luck would have it, this room had the additional pull out divan, where their guest could sleep. Two of the guests said they did not want their friends to share the same room with them. The clerk offered rollaway beds with no satisfaction to the guest, then called me.

I apologised as much as the guest would let me. i offered to find other local accommodations for them. Because they were the last room to check in for the day, I did not have the option of relocating another guest to accommodate their guests in another room. I said that I may have a solution, that I would call them back shortly.

I then called my associate at the bed & breakfast inn, two blocks from the hotel. She had two beautiful rooms with private baths available. iasked her to hold them for me. I called back to the hotel to let my clerk on duty know what I had arranged with the bed & breakfast inn, and to ask the guests if they would like to go there. My clerk informed me she couldn't right then, that two of the guests were up to the suite taking a look to decide if they wanted to stay or not, while the two remaining, were in the lobby, let's say, "rearranging furniture". After the two returned from the suite, a discussion of the group, they decided to go and demanded a taxi. I heard my clerk explain to them that there might be a short wait for the taxi to get here as the cab was in south Everett. The man grabbed the phone and demanded I come from home to shuttle them to the inn. I offered that it would take some time to drive to the hotel, waiting for the taxi would be faster, and I would pay the $4.00 fare for them to get to the inn. He said that they were not going to wait and hung up. I called my associate at the bed 7 breakfast inn to confirm their arrival. i forewarned her that they were "heated" and to thank her for her assistance with this situation.

This 3 diamond rated property assisted over 3,612 guests during the month of July. I am sorry we were unable to make this one, at this time, happy.

I invite them back to see just how good we really are.


Mark Linz

General Manager

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