Better be careful A review of Meadowbrook Inn & Suites

I stayed at the Meadowbrook Inn earlier this year during my daughters wedding. I saw a few problems:

-The housekeeping was seen washing the in-room cups by simply running tap water on them.

-I used the restroom with an employee (assumably food service) who didn't wash his hands, then served me a drink.

-My room microwave had stains on the inside and outside.

-The elevator stalled out....twice.

-There were flies in the restaurant.

-The temperature on the bottom floor was un-naturally hot.

-My room comforter looked like it hadn't been washed in YEARS.

...on the bright side, I slept in a bed, I guess.

Finally, on my way out of the Hotel at the end of the weekend, there was man, about my age, behind the counter looking at papers and loudly using profanity. I asked someone who he was, and they told me he was the hotel owner. This is definately not a positive environment, and I am now willing to spend a little extra cash for better service. I will not be returning to this hotel any time soon.

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