Best stay in Jaisalmer A review of Hotel Fifu

I have been to many places in India and worldwide. One of the nicest places I have found is Fifu Guest House in Jaisalmer.

I came to know Fifu when I was looking for someone to organize a Camel Salari into the Thar desert for me. Nobody wanted to do it for only one person except Fifu. And they prepared an unique experience for me and did it perfectly. As they do everything else in their Guest House.

It is located a 10 minutes leasurely walk out of Jaisalmer, with a wonderful view of the Fort and the desert. The rooms are beautifully decorated, respecting the indian style. Some have air con and all have fans AND SHOWERS WITH REALLY HOT WATER.

The staff is extraordinarily friendly and they make you feel at home almost at once. They help you with your meals, visits, camel safaris, train tickets, cars for onward travel and a long etc.

There is only one problem: you are feeling so well there that you are tented to stay much longer than you had planned. It happened to me the first time and it happens again whenever I am there.

Try it, it is absolutely worthwhile!

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