Best of the best in the pocs A review of Paradise Stream Resort

My husband and I have been going to these resorts for 17 years now. We love" the stream "as we fondly call it. Great atmosphere, first rate food,& entertainment . If you and your honey can't get romantic here you are DEAD! .All have loved it as much as we do. Try it you'llWe have tried almost all the rooms here and we love "the apple". However since becoming forever lovers many years ago (this is designed to give special privleges to repeat guests)we have been upgraded many times so now we book cheaper and hope for an upgrade!We have been to all four resorts,even Brookdale which I wouldn"t suggest unless you are vacationing with children as we did.(Let's face it if I wanted to have peas thrown at me I'd stay home with my own kids)The couple resorts are great and we have sent many of our friends there over the years. All have loved it as we do. Try it you"ll love it!

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