Best if you like traditional hotels A review of Marriott Hollywood Beach

I stayed here on an opening special. They call this a boutique hotel. It is in the boutique style with small lobby, tiny indoor bar, and service focus, but it's larger than most boutique hotels. The parking garage is convenient, but the $7.00 extra per day for parking ($9.00 for valet) was not advertised and that grated on me. Parking charges at an urban hotel is expected, but here, where the primary method of arrival is by car, I found it annoying. There is an unattended direct pedestrian access to the garage from the street, which bothered me from a security perspective. This hotel did not work well for me because I have become accustomed to the amenities offered at business suite hotels. This place is setup in the traditional hotel style, and many things I find important were missing. I prefer to handle my own luggage when traveling alone, but here you would think I had committed a mortal sin when I tried to use one of the 20 or so luggage carts sitting beside the entrance. A bellhop rushed forward and took over. I drew a northwest corner room, which is an excellent location. It had two balconies, one facing the Intracoastal Waterway where the boat traffic could be viewed, and another facing up the beach. Very nice. Too bad the balcony had only two small chairs, and no table on which to rest a glass. The room was elegant, but small in the old school Marriott style. I did not care for the muted yellows and black trim color scheme. It did not say south Florida to me. The comfortable king bed was full of pillows as is the current rage, but there is absolutely no place in the room to store them when you actually want to use the bed. The bath is nicely finished in marble, the black color again. But they have a problem with the grout already falling out. There is also a problem with the posh marble topped tables. The ones in my room were already marred by etching from spilled drinks. These need glass tops immediately. The plasma TV was cool, but the novelty soon wore off; it was no big deal. What was a big deal to me was the lack of a refrigerator. There is a minibar, and your only option is to empty it if you need to store your own cold food and beverages. There is no microwave. Another big deal was the very noisy air conditioning system. It appeared to be a through the wall system like those used in cheap motels. It's noise level was entirely inconsistent with the upscale nature of this hotel. I can't believe Marriott put something like this in. There is no self service laundry available. The free wired Internet worked very well. I was also able to connect using wireless provided by Hollywood Beach. The hotel is right on the beach, and it is 2 or 3 blocks north of the area where you will find many restaurants and shops. There is a shortage of grocery and drug stores in the area...few places to pick up those miscellaneous items. The breakfast buffet was excellent, but pricey at $13. This hotel is best if you like traditional full service hotels, with bellhops, minibars, and all that sort of stuff.

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