Best full service hotel in town. A review of Hyatt Regency Sacramento

I used to work in downtown Sacramento and don't live too far from the downtown area but far enough that I've had occasion to stay at this hotel twice and will be staying there once again next month (even though I'm usually a Sheraton or Westin regular in other cities). This is the only hotel in the downtown area with its own semi-circular stately driveway and grand entrance lobby area. There's also a nice little bar area adjacent to the lobby.

Some rooms are larger than others but I have not had a room that was too small. I had a sufficiently large desk with a small loveseat and coffee table area which was PERFECT for all the paperwork I had to work on while I was there last time. I requested a quiet location and I got it-facing K street and the IMAX theater. It is not much of a view but was perfect for my needs. If you want a view, request a room with windows facing L Street and you'll get a view of the Capitol Park & Gardens. The meals from room service were surprisingly prompt (less than 30 minutes from order time) and were EXCELLENT gourmet meals! This was some of the best if not the best room service food I had ever had.

The service from other staffpersons was great (but not excellent). I haven't seen the gym but there is a large 24 hour fitness gym at the end of K street (a 10 minute jog away). But don't do the jog alone at night especially if you're a female--drive there instead and park in the mall garage with free validation. As in any large city, there are some sketchy types who hang out further down several (6 or 7) blocks down K Street. That said, I'd still feel relatively safe walking down K street during the day especially because there's usually police presence on foot patrol and CHP on horseback patrol in the area (because it's near the capitol) and you'll also likely see Community Service Officers walking around town wearing bright yellow jackets or black, yellow and white shirts and radios in hand that link them to the police.

It is pretty ghosttown-like at nighttime in the downtown area unless something like the jazz festival or summer Thursday nights market is going on. But there are other areas that are always full of activity at night (the midtown clubs and restaurants, the Pavillions area restaurants on Fair Oaks Blvd or Old Sacramento or Old Folsom clubs and restaurants).

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