Best Daytona has to offer A review of Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Daytona Beach

The best Daytona has to offer for families. Don't

try and save 30 bucks a night by going somewhere else cheaper to dave a few bucks. Especially if

you have kids. Great atmosphere. Everyone from the bartenders, the maids, the maintenence guys

and front desk were great. Breakfast buffet was $7

if you are hungry. They have a great bar for the adults outside. We went for 4 days on Memorial weekend and it was hopin with a DJ under the Gazeboo with a pool waitress to take your drink orders. That just may be a weekend thing but it was great. Rooms were avg. size but very clean.

Not too far from the pier (about a mile) but far enough away from the rift raft. When you see some other places on the strip , this place stands out. Try and get a room on the 4th , 5th, or 6th floor if you want a panoramic view of the beach.

This place is only 3 yrs. old and is not falling apart like many others. And it is not overbuilt and hard to get around. It is not a Mega hotel but acts like one.

Don't go with those no names..Many are dumps.

Holiday -inn is great for anyone. I walked over to the Ramada two doors down and it was a dump when I got up close... Holiday is modern. Not too many places have a shelter where you can relax and escape the sun without going inside. It is the only place I would recommend and I will go back.

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