Being Upgraded A review of DoubleTree by Hilton Bakersfield

Double Tree

3100 Camino Del Rio Ct

Bakersfield, CA 93308

Date 17 Feb 05

Price - $58

# of nights stayed - 1

Unexpected fees - None

# of beds - 1 - King

Connecting room - No

Location - Inside courtyard view

Parking - Sufficient

Access to room - Elevator

Floors - 3

Interior corridors - Yes - a bit on the thin side

Apparent safety - Very good

Neighborhood - Motel cul de sac

Hwy access - Hwy 99 is 2 minutes away

Restaurants - In-house restaurants - two each

Reception - Very Good, very efficient

Newsstand - Yes - limited hours - Wall Street Journal is available

Control of noisy guest and guest behavior - no overt control of any type

General outside cleanliness - Outstanding

General inside cleanliness - Excellent

Room General

Ambiance - Business professional

Wall color - textured beige wallpaper

Furnishings - one couch, one chair, one work table

Lighting - Work desk light is very good

Carpet - Cleanliness - above average * Condition - very good

Room Fixture Quality - Outstanding - easy to use

Work Desk/size - ½ card table size

Work desk chair height - OK

Electrical connections at work desk - only one outlet!

Closet space - separate closet - very good

Room size - Average

Bed Linen - Above average

Extra pillows - yes - one in closet

Mattress quality - Very soft -

Odors/scents - None

Ironing board - Yes

TV * Channel selection - Excellent * Screen quality - Very good

Internet Access - Ethernet by third party * Ethernet access in restaurant

Phonebook - Yes

Cell Phone Reception - Excellent

Coffeemaker - Yes, on bathroom counter - small size unit.

Refrigerator - No

Noisy ? - No

Bottled water - No

Microwave - No

Room temperature control - Individual room thermostat controlling central conditioning system

Ambient noise

Floor above - Normal expected clunk when something dropped - walking undetectable

Hallway (interior) - Can hear other rooms' hall doors closing

Walls - Average

Outside - Some noise from nearby Hwy 99 and some from entertainment in lounge that adjoins one side of courtyard.

Bathroom - audible but acceptable

Early AM housekeeping noise - None

Animals - No pets noted

Bedbugs and/or fleas - None detecd


Lighting - Excellent

Shower water flow - Excellent

Shower height - OK

Shower fixtures - OK

Counter space - Very good

Towels - Excellent - Thick and soft - sufficient in number - Above average

Size - OK

Bathroom fan - None

Cups - Two glasses


Bath soap - excellent quality

Hand soap - standard bar size

Shampoo - liquid shampoo - good quality

Mirror - lighting is excellent

Hair dryer - Yes - 1500 watt - reasonable noise level

Comments - No shoe shine cloth. Bathroom is large and doubles as the dressing area.

Continental Breakfast- Restaurant only

Fresh fruit -

Hot cereal -

Coffee - Comment - full service restaurant only

Comment - This facility used to be a very good Red Lion motel. Apparently, a decision has been made to upgrade the facility after deferring maintenance to the point it was driving customers away. The beds and linens are being refurbished but I had the "old style" bed that was still very good. The restaurant food is OK as is the service. The quality of the front desk is spotty. Front desk personnel seem to do little without "checking first" with a manager who is not available at times. The restaurant is a local eatery for dining out. Tables along one wall in the restaurant have free internet access making it very useful for business travelers. Newsstand operating hours are not consistent nor posted.

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