Beautiful views and a decent room. A review of Skyland Resort

My wife and I recently stayed at the Skyland Resort in Shennandoah National Park. We are regular visitors to the park but had never stayed inside its boundaries before.

The hotel accomodations are scattered among several rustic-looking buildings, each with its own small parking area. Our "traditional" room had a high peaked ceiling with a small shared walk-out deck and a bathroom. The 2 double beds were reasonably comfortable, and the room had the feel of a rustic B&B. There was plenty of lighting available via lamps (a peeve of mine with many hotels, as an avid reader). The view off the deck was very nice, looking across the valley below, with many trees and soothing birdsong.

My only quibble with the bathroom was the small shelf area. The water pressure was good (especially the shower which had some of the best pressure I've encountered), the lighting decent. There was a separate small light over the bathroom mirror which I've often found missing in even mid-range hotels. In an effort to reduce waste, toiletries are dispensed from pumps, but the products stocked are decent Neutrogena ones: shampoo, conditioner, bath gel, soap, and lotion. The bath gel smelled like the Neutrogena "Rainbath" product.

The area is really quiet at night, in a wonderful way most people never encounter these days. You can see an immense number of stars in the sky, more than I've seen anywhere else I've been. All of that is reason to stay here.

As a nice touch, the hotel people will recycle things you leave out for them on the tabletop. I feel like I generate much more waste when I travel than otherwise, so it was nice to have this service.

There are occasional rate specials and weeknights are cheaper than weekends. Members of SNPA (the park's private advocacy group) get a 20% discount on weeknight stays so it's worth joining if you're going to stay for more than a night (as well as being a worthy cause).

There's no TV or phone in the room, but I got cell phone reception on Verizon Wireless. Anyway, you're staying in a park, who needs TV or landlines? If you get a horrible craving, there's a TV in the 24-hour 'lobby' building where the check-in is located, as well as an area to sit and read. Skyland has a restaurant that serves 3 meals a day, with a gift shop open late, and a tap room open later still.

The place has a lot of character, and if you're staying in the park, chances are you're there to be in the park, and staying at Skyland was an excellent way to do it. It was really nice waking up and already "being there" rather than having a long drive ahead. We'll definitely be back.

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