Beautiful View But A review of Hilton Virginia Beach Oceanfront

Again as stated previously this is my experience at the new Hilton Ocean Front with an arrival date of May 26th. Upon arrival we were downgraded to a lower status than orginal booked. That should have been a clue to us as what was to come. We orginally booked our room back in Feburary before the hotel opened for the club level using our Hilton Honors membership. Never have I been down graded in a hotel. When checking in and we were informed that we were moved to a lower floor no explanation could be given except sorry we don't have a room for you on the level you booked. No refund was offered till I asked if we would be charged the same price and they agreed after a consult to lower our rate $30 a day. It still was not what we had expeceted and though they did try to make amends I would be very hesitant booking here again for the club level. They did give us access to the club level but when you have to go from the 8th to the 20th floor everytime you want coffee or snacks it sure dosen't make the trip worth it since there is only three elevators and a full hotel making it hard to get an elevator.

We found the restruant to be very over priced for a family. The average diner with no drinks and desert ran us $70 without tips and that was for trout and tuna the two cheapest fish on the menu. Breakfast buffets were $30 for two and we found that daily the eggs and meat were cold.

As a previous poster posted we waited over an hour almost daily to get a table for diner and on the 30 tried our special privelage key and it still resulted in a wait of over a half hour.

On a positive note the view from our ocean front room was beautiful and the balcony on the cornor rooms have a nice large balcony. We never did go to the pool since it was crowded with people hanging out at the bar which was almost untop of the pool and was blasting with loud music. We found most of the staff very unfriendly and very hurried. We will not be returning to this hotel in the future due to all the problems we encountered.

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