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I found the campus at Red Mountain Spa to be amazing and beautiful. The grounds were well taken care of and full of fragrant flowering plants that scented the air so much it was like Eden. The scenery is spectacular as the property near the entrance to Snow Canyon State Park. There are some new developments in the area, but such is progress unfortunate, but true. It's obvious they were there long before the developments, so who can fault them for that? The hikes are amazing and challenging. I did theTrekker 3 and found them to be perfect for me because they challenged me to push myself. The pace is very fast! Your heartrate will be accelerated for sure. I hike a lot and loved the pace. The classes are pretty good...the NIA in particular was a favorite. It was fun and a great work out. I also enjoyed the pool classses as you can make them as hard and effective as you would like them to be. The rooms are perfectly fine. You don't spend a huge amount of time in them, so for me it was just a place to sleep. They are nicely done and serve their purpose. The food was okay. My group really enjoyed lunch and dinner, but found unless you got the fish, the dinners did not arrive to your table hot. The staff in general seemed very new, very young and very untrained. That was the biggest complaint we had was that no one ever had answers to our questions. The massages were great for the most part, but during one massage I felt like the masseuse was in a hurry. I felt like I was a burden to him. I would highly recommend Larry as he has terrific hands and is gorgeous to boot! It was challenging to relax with someone that attractive, but I enjoyed the challenge! He always made me feel like I was the only client he had and was never rushed. The Fire and Ice facial is pretty amazing and I liked the Honey glow very much too. I ended up losing 5 pounds in 5 days just from being so active. I think Red Mountain is an excellent value for a spa and I would return again. The best part is that it doesn't feel stuck up and you can go to dinner in a robe or in your work out clothes. I didn't do a whole lot of the additional fee things like kayaking,climbling, pottery etc. I found myself to be overbooked just with the "free" classes. I wanted to spend my money on the spa services more because I do live in a state where those "extras" are readliy available every day.

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