Beautiful resort with lots of charm A review of Omni Bedford Springs Resort

My husband and I stayed at Bedford Springs Resort in early August 2007. We were there for three nights but got an early check-in and a late check-out to extend our time. When we were there, the resort had only been open a few weeks since completing a major renovation. We thought the resort was VERY NICE, despite the fact that they were still working out the kinks. Below I've listed the pros and cons, some kinks that they will probably work out over time, and a few other tips.


It was convenient to get to by car - it's only a few miles off the Pennsylvania Turnpike. It was a 1 1/2 to 2 hour drive from Pittsburgh.

The rooms, buildings, and grounds were beautiful. There were rocking chairs, lounge chairs, and armchairs everywhere around the resort - both inside and outside. In our guest room, we loved the bathroom and the big comfy bed. We had a "resort view" room which meant that we had a porch with rocking chairs - we really enjoyed that. We sat out there with our coffee in the mornings. In the afternoon, the sun was behind the building so it was very comfortable to sit out there with lemonade and a book to read.

The pools were really nice. We spent three hot afternoons at the outdoor pool. The first two days we were there (a Thursday and Friday) were really quiet at the pool and we had no trouble getting the cabana and/or lounge chairs of our choice. The third day we were there (Saturday), it was a little on the crowded side. The day we left was cloudy so we (briefly) tried out the indoor pool. It was nice enough but a little on the chilly side.

The resort had tea time every day. We stopped by each afternoon for a cup of tea and a taste of the resort's delicious treats.

There were lots of activities available to guests: spa, golf, horseshoe pits, nightly bonfires, pool table (in Frontier Tavern), pools, workout facilities, hiking trails, library/game room, and tennis courts (which hadn't been completed when we were there).

The resort's staff members were extremely friendly.


The restaurants at the resort were convenient but pricey. My husband and I shared a burger for lunch at the outdoor pool one afternoon. We were afraid it would end up costing $20 (we had no idea because prices weren't posted anywhere) but we discovered when we got home that we didn't get charged for it. We also went to the Frontier Tavern for dinner one night. Everything was delicious but, again, pricey. With tip, we spent over $50 for two sandwiches, a ginger ale, a root beer, and a cocktail (the drink was $9!). On a separate occasion, we had dessert and two decaf coffees at the Frontier Tavern for about $15.

The resort only had valet parking. It was free (except for the tip, of course) but at times we had to wait awhile for our car. The valet seemed to get backed up around meal times because a lot of people came to the resort just to eat at the restaurants. It was also really busy when we checked out (early afternoon on a Sunday). When our car was finally brought around (about 20-30 minutes after we asked for it), we loaded it up in about a minute but were blocked in by other people slowly loading their cars.

If I wanted to be nit picky, I'd also say that the water pressure in the shower wasn't the greatest and the hiking trails were a little boring. (However, if you're into hiking, there are other places to do that in the vicinity of the resort.)

Kinks they will probably work out over time:

It's likely that the valet service will improve with experience. They probably just need to work out a good system for handling busy times. However, it's possible that they just don't have enough space to accommodate the volume of traffic they get at meal times and popular check-in/check-out times.

The Saturday afternoon that we went to the outdoor pool, there were no towels for the first 20 minutes or so. It seemed that they were unprepared for the amount of people at the pool and the demand for towels. The pool boy (who was responsible for the towels) was a really sweet teenager and he seemed genuinely sorry that he was temporarily out of towels. This was probably just a kink that needs to be worked out. With more hot weekends, the resort will probably figure out a system for washing towels quickly and getting them back to the pool.

A couple of other tips:

The rooms have refrigerators. If we'd known that before we went, we would have brought food/drinks from home. The first night we were there we went to the grocery store in town to buy breakfast foods, snacks, and drinks.

There are cheap restaurants near the turnpike: Denny's, Hoss's, fast food, and some other local restaurants. We looked for restaurants in town but didn't see anything, although there was a nice looking coffee shop (I think it was called HeBrews).

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