Beautiful Property / Average Service A review of Nemacolin Woodlands Resort & Spa

Nemacolin is a beautiful resort but becomes average when considering what you pay for it. My advice is, if you are staying here on your company's dime, you'll love the place. If you're paying for it yourself, you may be disappointed.

The first time I stayed at Nemacolin was 5 years ago for a business meeting with all expenses paid. This time I was footing the bill and found that I had higher expectations. Please allow me to explain.

My wife and I checked in at about 12:30 am on a Friday morning and checked out at 11:00 am Sunday. All totaled, we were at the resort for approximately 2.5 days and spent about $1,600. Expect to spend this or more if you stay here and take advantage of the resort. For this, my wife received 4 spa treatments and neither of us play golf (see what I mean, it could have cost much more). We stayed in a lodge room which is considered to be more rustic. It's part of the original resort.

For the $1,600 of which the room averaged about $320 incl tax x 3 nights this is what we got:

Friday, while my wife was at the spa, I wanted to work out. In order to do so, I had to pay $20. Before changing my clothes, I had to get a locker. The attendant was nowhere to be found. After waiting 4-5 minutes I had to go back to the front desk twice and ask for someone to assist me. It took about 10 minutes to get a locker and towel! On top of that, they sent a male hair stylist in with a apron on to get me a key to a locker. The fitness center has nice Cybex equipment but treadmills that are about 15 years old. Fine if you're a walker, below average if you're planning on running. One of the treadmills felt like is was going to tilt over while I was running on it.

Friday, we went to the Tavern restarant. The food was good, but the service was terrible. Although this is a casual bar/grill we would expect our server to refill our glasses of water and ask if we want another beer (I only had two). After waiting about 15 minutes after we were finished eating, I had to go to the bar and ask for our check.

Friday night, we ordered room service. My wife got a ceasar salad with about a cup full of lettuce that was wilted and starting to turn brown. I got a chicken sandwich that had zero taste, they forgot to put cheese on it, and they forgot to bring a side salad. The chicken was supposed to be marinaded but wasn't. My wife and I tried to pause the movie we were watching while our food was being delivered but the pause function didn't work. A menu was just left on the screen while the movie continued. The front desk sent a gentleman from maintenance to our room and he said that he was getting a lot of calls with the same problem. After resetting the remote?? the menu disappeared. Of course, we still got charged for the movie.

Saturday, while my wife was at the spa, I wanted to catch a college football game. The power was out in Allegheny County and there was no cable service for about 5 hours. I thought most resorts of this caliber have diesel power and satelite to avoid things like this being an issue. When I called to find out if it was my room or the whole resort that didn't have cable service, the front desk barked at me as if I should have known that the whole county was currently without power.

Saturday night, my wife and I ate a the Golden Trout. We walked up to the host stand and stood there for about a minute while two server carried on a conversation before asking us if we had reservations. When we said no (there were only 10 of about 50 tables occupied at about 9:30), both disappeared and said that they would look for a table. About 5 minutes later (no exageration) a hostess walked up to us and asked up if we had reservations and if we would like to be seated. My wife had lobster that was cold and chewy and I had a steak that was good. Cost $130 (glass of wine apiece and dessert to split). And I must add that our service was good once we sat down.

As for our room, there was a bed and one desk with a leather chair that looked like it had been used during Operation Iraqi Freedom. We found a cockroach crawling on our comforter Saturday morning. The faucets in the bathroom were missing some of the H/C symbols. One of the sitckers fell into the basin while my wife was using the sink. Don't get me wrong, this was not a Motel 6 room, but just not what you'd expect for the money. Stay in the Chateau rooms if you have the option. There isn't much of a price difference and they are newer. A resort charging this much money should maintain the rooms to a "like new" condition. Nemacolin doesn't.

This review was probably more detailed that most, but I didn't want to come across as a complainer. My wife and I just expected more for the money. We came to the conclusion that Nemacolin is a resort focused on business conference attendees that are having someone else pay their way. If so, you would be blown away. Great setting, beautiful hotel, and nice golf courses. My wife and I just thought that for the money, it should have been better. Conde Nast Traveler I noticed gave it a bad rating for service as well.

Finally, I think the management is content with my assessment of who their target customer is. We left a comment card with our address and phone number on it at the front desk 5 days ago and no one has called us. Oh well.

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