Beautiful Place A review of Barton Creek Resort & Spa

Went to Barton Creek June 9th-12th, 2005 for a sales meeting, and found it to be a very nice resort. It seems to cater to meetings, conferences, and weddings, as many were going on while I was there. The meeting facilities were perfect.

The rooms were great--very comfortable beds and top-of-the-line furniture(as well as the entire resort-couches and chairs everywhere!)

The bathrooms were showing a little age, but the water pressure was very strong. Being there on business, I had my laptop, and their high-speed internet was $9.95 a day--a bit ridulous considering you're paying several hundred dollars a day, and their business is made up of many business travellers.

Every meal I had was excellent-some of the best food I've ever eaten. There is also the "County Line BBQ" restaurant just outside the property that is a "don't miss" for the brisket and ribs.

The golf courses seemed to get high ratings from my counterparts, but I did not play. Many other recreational options are available-tennis, basketball gym, hiking trails, and a spa. The pool and pool deck, though, need to be much larger for a resort of this size. I tried to find a lounge chair on Saturday, and all were taken, with many others waiting as well. I felt like a vulture waiting for someone to leave.

There is a nice bar & grill at the pool, so I did get a seat there, and the food was great. The tips are already included in a "service charge", and I was worried about the service when they knew that they were taken care of no matter what, but they were very helpful.

Overall, the Barton Creek Resort was a great resort, and I highly recommend it

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