Beautiful location, but worth the money? A review of Hotel Belvedere Bellagio

My wife and I stayed here in late June for two nights. Our first impression of the hotel came when we sat on the patio to drink some wine while our room was being readied. With the pink table cloths, brass window decorations, outdated decorating, tuxedoed waiter, and tour bus that was parked outside, we felt like we were in a Hyatt in Florida. The average age of the guests here was at least 55.

Our room was great -- it had its own private lawn with outstanding views. The bathroom was huge, but only had a tub -- no shower. And, old plumbing pipes and fixtures were left in the wall from a previous remodel. We came back one night to find a gigantic black spider crawling above our bed on the 12-14 ft. ceiling. Ugh.

The pool is nice, situated below the hotel's main floor between the lake and the hotel. We spent a full day by the pool and were very comfortable.

The walk to Bellagio's shopping and restaurant area is less than five minutes.

Overall, we felt like we had overpaid for our stay at this aging, big hotel. Bellagio wasn't our cup of tea, either. It just didn't feel like Italy -- more like any tourist trap of a water town in Anytown, America.

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