Beautiful hotel A review of Mandarin Oriental, Prague

Oh my God!

what a beautiful hotel!

I was there for two nights - had I knew that this hotel was that nice I would have stayed longer.

The hotel is built in a renovated monastery, and kept a lot of the old and impressive design in the common areas. However, you still feel you are in a top of the line modern hotel.

Room is amazingly large. I stayed at a King bed room, which would be considered almost a suite in the US. Large plasma TV with DVD player, cable TV and PPV. the bathroom is even more amazing. heated floor! bath AND a shower. oh, and TV n the bathroom as well...

Great service, although occasionally, a little too much.

Very nice restaurant and bar.

and finally: Absolutely great location. walking distance from all the tourist attractions.

well recommended!

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Mandarin Oriental, Prague
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