Beautiful hotel with poor customer service! A review of San Jose Marriott

This is a very attractive hotel. It is too bad the staff at this hotel don't seem to understand what customer service is all about.

Not only were we overcharged by almost $85, almost every interaction with this hotel's staff was unpleasant. At check in, we had to convince the agent to take our $100 gift certificate as a partial deposit. We asked, on our reservation, for a room on a high floor. Maybe they were out of them, but we found that we weren't even halfway up. The hotel was NOT full. Our thermostat in the room was reporting that it was 60 degrees but in fact it was more like 75 (it was room 901) -- acceptable but just barely. They had beautiful down comforters and down pillows, but it wasn't possible to get the room temperature low enough to use them. This $105 room rate ended out costing us almost $250.

At breakfast (which was supposed to be included in our room rate), we arrived at 10:30. We were told the breakfast buffet was over and we'd have to pay for brunch. After we were seated, we found that there was plenty of food left at the buffet, and that they didn't intend to clear the buffet for at least 30 minutes; plenty of time for us to eat. At check out, the lines were wrapped around the lobby with only one clerk attempting to check in and out at least a dozen guests. We chose to drop off the key.

When we arrived home, we found our credit card was overcharged by almost $100. When we called the hotel they tell us there is no way they can reverse our charges and suggested that I send an email to their accounting guy, I sent him a specific accounting and requested his assistance with regard to being overcharged. His response? I wish I could quote it, but that appears to be against the policy here. Basically he said that we were seated after 10:30 so we have to pay for brunch. Maybe if we didn't have to wait 10 minutes when we arrived just before 10:30 we might have avoided this charge. After a volley of emails, they eventually credited us for the buffet breakfast and they explained that the other $50 is just an authorization hold (which they didn't use).

As I'm normally not one to complain, I normally would not have said anything. I even find one or two of these bloopers "acceptable", but the combination of being overcharged along with the number of errors this staff made is not acceptable to me.

I've travelled all around the world and have never seen such poor customer service from what should be a world-class hotel. If I have the opportunity to travel to San Jose again, I'll be sure to avoid this hotel, and hope that by posting this review, others will avoid the mistake I made.

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