Beautiful Atoll A review of Hotel Kia Ora Resort & Spa

I really wanted to give this a 3.5 star rating. First off I want to say Rangiroa is an amazing, beautiful place, untouched by tourism. We stayed in the beachside bungalows. What a relaxing place this was, steps away from the beautiful turquoise lagoon. There was a hammock, along w/ beach chairs close by.

I guess the negative was that our room was shabby. The curtains were falling down and mothy. The doorknob to the bathroom fell off when you used it. I was under the impression the beachside bungalows were recently referbished??

The food was pretty good, unfortunately the menu did not change. We absolutely loved the BBQ and the polynesian show. The food was amazing and the show was entertaining. I would recommend bringing snacks for breakfast (we brought granola bars) and there was coffee in the rooms so that saved $. We ate at Le Kai Kai 2x during the week and were really happy w/ their food and they would pick you up at the Kia Ora.

There service was also inconsistent. The restraunt service was excellent, the barstaff seemed indifferent, and the Excursions desk was not too helpful.. He kept trying to get us to not rent a scooter b/c 'there was nothing to see on the island' Rent a scooter, it was alot of fun driving around, plenty of places to eat and the market. Stock up and bring back to the hotel and put in your fridge. One of the girls at the front desk was also excellent. They ran out of regular coffee to put in rooms and she gave us her stash :)

We dove w/ the blue dolphin. It is just a different philosophy in FP compared to the states. We were prepared for it. The divestaff was very friendly and helpful. The only negative was that there were 9 divers, 2 divemasters and a boat driver in a zodiac, non of the equipment was tied down and you had to hold it b/w your knees while holding on the dear life while the zodiac sped thru waves catching air as it would hit...

All in all it was a great time. We were kinda disappointed w/ the Kia Ora. We felt for the $$ we paid that the rooms/service should have been better. But it is an amazing spot to just sit down relax and watch the world go by.

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