BeaconLight a Disappointment A review of Beaconlight Guesthouse

The Beaconlight was a disappointment! My job requires a lot of traveling and I found the Beaconlight guesthouse to be just as cold and unfriendly as so many of the hotels that I have stayed in over the years. It was obvious that the new owners did not care about me and my much needed vacation. I had a feeling that the owners had taken on a large mortgage and the only way they could run the place was to cut corners (even though I had paid $200.00 per night plus I was asked to leave a sizable gratuity to the staff). My room smelled moldy and I discovered that the dresser must have previosly been stored in a damp warehouse and was never fumigated properly; therefore all my clothes smelled as did the room! I would leave the air conditioner on low to clear the smell but the staff would go in my room while I was out and turn off the air to save money. I always felt I was in the way when I would go into the common areas especially the kitchen and many times I took my breakfast up to my room. Unfortunately, by doing this, I missed out in meeting others and this made my stay seem like all the other unfriendly, stuffy cold establishments I am used to staying at during the year. If you're looking for fun and meeting others at an upscale guesthouse, DON'T STAY AT THE BEACONLIGHT!

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