Be Warned: This Place Is a Rip-Off! A review of Blue Water Manor

First, I have to say that there is a review for this hotel dated July 4th that make it sound like a nice place.....they could not possibly have stayed in the same facility....or the owners wrote the review. It is possible that the cabins are better, but I wouldn't take a chance on them given the room we stayed in. The other two reviews are very similar to our experience.

This is a copy/paste of an email I sent to the owners of Blue Water Manor, and I'm spreading it around the internet as a service to anyone thinking of staying here. Lake George is a beautiful, wonderful place, with many fine places to stay...this simply is not one of them.

Here is the email I sent to the owners of Blue Water Manor:

My girlfriend and I stayed at Blue Water Manor this past weekend and I wanted to let you know our feelings about the lodging provided.

First, we were very excited about going away and your website heightened our enthusiasm to get to Lake George. Second, the weather could not have been any better during our stay. It clearly was the nicest weather weekend of the summer, so far.

We had a number of disappointments regarding our lodging, however, that we wanted to bring to your attention. Our immediate reaction was that the room was very poor. For a lake front room, we really thought the amenities would be much better than they were, especially given the cost of the room. Even with breakfast and dinner included, given the accomodations, the value overall seemed very, very poor.

Specifically, here are our observations in regard to the room:

1) The room appeared very tacky. This may be the worst lodging experience in my life (I'm 48 and have been in plenty). If it's not the worst, it's easily very close, and I tend to stay at places that are above average and pleasant. My general standard is a Holiday Inn that's ten years old or newer...or recently renovated (to give you the yardstick I tend to use).

2) The bathroom was depressing, with peeling paint on the ceiling, old fixtures, and an area between the edge of the blinds and the window where people could look in while we were using the bath...especially the toilet. To make matters worse, people gather at night outside the bar just outside the bathroom window, so it's not like there's no one out there. We had to put a blanket over the window for privacy.

3) There were very few hooks to put towels on, and I was afraid to put anything on the floor. The medicine cabinet is the very old style and appeared dirty inside.

4) There wasn't enough room to put what two people need in a bathroom counter space and no vanity, period.

5) There was no outlet in the bathroom! Impossible to blow dry hair.

6) Bathroom lighting was very low.

7) Water pressure and water quality were very good.

8) No shampoo was the cost of this room, that seemed very very cheap.

There were also issues with the bedroom, as follows:

1) There is very, very little sound insulation between rooms or between the inside and outside. You could CLEARLY hear conversations that were not loud coming through the walls. Conversely, I'm sure we could be heard.

2) The room's decor was very, very, very dated and very depressing to stay in.

3) There was only one wastebasket in the entire unit.

4) The wall outlet had a plug that was fitted with black electrical appeared to be a fire just waiting to happen.

4) There is a 3-in-1 outlet plugged into a regular wall outlet that the air conditioner is plugged into....again, another fire waiting to happen and I'm ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE this is a violation of local and state fire codes (which I'll bring to their attention).

5) The telephone was very difficult to use and cell phone reception is spotty.

6) The mattress was greatly uncomfortable and I woke feeling very sore.

7) The comfortor was horribly stained and seemingly not cleaned for a very, very long time. We had to remove it and throw it in the 'closet' because it was so disgusting.

8) The headboard was not even attached to the bed and had to be removed by me so it wouldn't bang into the wall.

9) The front curtains were insufficient to provide decent privacy. Thankfully we were toward the end of the building. I could easily see into the other rooms at night, even when their curtains were closed, because they are so thin. $10 blinds would go a loooong way.

10) Overall suggestions: These rooms are in an ideal location and could be a great assest to your facility if they were updated and raised at least to minimumly acceptable standards, which they were far below in my opinion. Had we had 'acceptable accomodations' our stay overall would have been much brighter.


1) During our first dinner, my girlfriend found...and ate...a hair in her salad that obviously wasn't hers.

2) The food quality, not considering hair in the salad, was generally fair...not great, but not nearly as bad as the room was. Personally, I would have rather eaten at one of Lake George's many great restaurants than stay here.

3) Very few people here speak English as their first language, and it make is a bit difficult sometimes to communicate. I was told the staff are from eastern Europe on a student exchange program, but to be honest, it seemed somewhat like a slave labor camp to me, with both staff and patrons the slaves. I will say the staff seemed very pleasant despite the language problem....but the owners seem like they'll keep your last penny. I'll also say that the politeness cannot overcome the disaapointing accomodations here.

Other general comments:

1) We thought there was a beach here and were disappointed to find none.

2) It appears that you guys are fixing the place up little by little. I wonder if any of the other rooms are any better.

3) The decks along the water feel like you will fall through them in some areas.

4) The Stone Tavern is a pretty nice place. The gigantic stone fireplace is EASILY the nicest feature of the entire facility and a work of art. The food was fair to good, but the atmosphere was good to great.

This was the first time I went away with my girlfriend and I found myself embarassed at what I brought her to because of the room situation. In hindsight, I greatly regret bringing the condition of the room to your attention. We noticed several people that looked at the room next to ours, walked away with unhappy expressions, and never came back.

Had I known the condition of the room before I registered, I never would have stayed here. Even if the room was acceptable, the cost seemed to be pretty high. However, when you combine the cost of the accomodations with the very low quality of the room, the overall value seems to be a horrifically bad value.

I regret that I won't be returning to Blue Water when we come back for Labor Day. I also plan to circulate these comments as widely as possible on the Internet to warn others of our experience here.

I do hope you will seriously consider either rehabilitating the rooms we stayed in, or at least discontinue renting them or at the very least be honest in your portrayal of them.

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