Be careful - it's not all as rosey as it may seem! A review of Hotel Navarra

I seriously hate moaning, I'm young, I'm tolerant, I'm carefree - but . . .

Apart from our room being very small and bathroom incredibly tiny (which surprised it is listed as a 4star hotel), the bathtub in our room was very slippery. This meant that it was very dangerous to take a shower and though I took as much care as possible, after slipping over in the bath (I have photos of the bruises to back this up) I called reception to ask for a slip mat. I was curtly told that the hotel did not provide them and would not provide one. When I told the receptionist that the tub was dangerous and that I had already slipped and banged my arm I was told "sorry but nothing we can do". I thought this was outrageous! How can they justify such a situation and put paying customers in danger such as this? What if I had banged my head and knocked myself out? Would this still be 'tough luck'?

The other problem was with the breakfasts. Food ran out and was not replaced up to half an hour before the breakfast sittings were scheduled to finish. It meant that on the first morning, all we had to 'choose' from were what was left over. No sausages at all, hardly any pastries, hardly any fruit juice, small selection of rolls. The next morning we got up earlier to make sure that we would be able to have a proper breakfast and found that when food ran out (cheese, butter, yoghurt, eggs etc.) it was slow to be replaced which meant a reduced choice again!

The above was all such a let down as the hotel itself is fairly nice and it's in a FANTASTIC location and Bruge is such a lovely, lovely city.

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