Bates Motel.... Beware A review of Bryce Canyon Resort

My husband and I were doing a tour of Southern Utah and spite of all the bad ratings this hotel got we decided to stay anyway. I had no idea what I was getting into. After arrving at SLC airport at 8p we had a 5hr drive ahead of us to get to this hotel. Tired and cold (It was 40degrees out), we get to the hotel. As we drove in, my husband said not bad. It looked ok, I thought it wouldnt be so bad after all. I ran to the main office to find my name on a envelope and inside was my key. How crazy to leave a key in a envelope for anyone to grab and next to it was a neon sign reading Vacancy. Anyone from the road could of taken an envelope and checked out without the owners ever knowing, "free room anyone"? Ok so to say the least, we try to find out room. We thought we were getting a room, to our shock we were in a room that looked like it might of been a shed at one point. It was horrible, the room was cold, no heating except for a small , barely there heating unit that looked like it once caught on fire. Behind the shed, lay a propane tank of some sort. And next to the shed was Dirt bike rentals, how scary is that. We made the best of it, it was after all 230 in the morning. We killed a spider and found some little bugs in the room. The side table looked like it had blood stains. The room just smelled dirty, we were horrified. We had to walk with our socks because the floor was so filty looking. I will say I clutched my husband so tight becuase of the cold and I was just scared. This place is scarey. Don't attempt to stay here. We woke up in the morning and went to the front desk to ask for another room, the girl said she had several and I asked to see it. It was ok but still not great. When we said we wanted to switch she wanted to charge us $130 bucks. I almost lost it. I went on and on about the conditions of the other room. Sometimes when you stay at a reputable hotel and you are unsatisfied they will upgrade you or put you at a nice room with no charge, but they were out for the money. Luckily for us we were allowed to cancel our second night at no charge. The owner then came out and said they so called suites for $130 are there best. And what we stayed in was the economy cabin.. Boy is this far fetched from reality. For as cheap or nice it may look like, don't stay here. DONT!!!

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